[gst-devel] going over GstPad ...

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Sun Sep 1 10:07:13 CEST 2002

I did a few things :

a) clean up code and docs (yay)
b) make all creation functions take NULL as a name so that you get
   a guaranteed unique name if you give NULL
c) gst_pad_set_parent took a gstobject, and _get_parent returned a 
  I changed the first to take a gstobject.
  (I couldn't find any instance of gst_pad_set_parent in the code
  though, except for three in one of the avi plug-ins)

Here are some more things I considered doing and would like input on :

a) gst_pad_load_and_connect (xmlNodePtr self, GstObject *parent)
   only applies to GstElements, why does it accept GstObject ?
   Can I change this ?

b) I would like to rename

to gst_ghost_pad_save_thyself

to be in line with the rest of the functions.
Also, this function has the following prototype
gst_pad_ghost_save_thyself (GstPad *pad,
                            GstElement *bin,
                            xmlNodePtr parent) 
but the bin isn't used in this function.  Shall I drop that argument ?

c) some of the enum types are not fully described in the gstpad.sgml 

The other changes will be committed shortly.


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