[gst-devel] Missing POPT_TABLEEND definition

Gerald Pfeiffer pfeiffer at panasonic.de
Mon Sep 9 02:58:01 CEST 2002


I tried to install and compile "gstreamer-0.4.0" on SuSE Linux 8.0 with the
following "uname -a" output:
(Linux mcom-l-frodo 2.4.18-4GB #1 Wed Mar 27 13:57:05 UTC 2002 i686

The first problem I encountered was that the compiler complained that the
definition of POPT_TABLEEND is missing in the source files

gst.c and gst-launch.c.

Where should POPT_TABLEEND be defined and what is the correct value?

If I add
in gst.c and gst-launch.c, I can succesfully compile gstreamer. But when
executing the contained gstreamer examples always crash because the
_default_name of the scheduler is NULL. I dont know if this 2nd problem is
related to my work-around definition of POPT_TABLEEND or not.
When I start "examples/helloworld/.libs/lt-helloworld xxxx.mp3", I get the
following error message:

"GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gstscheduler.c: line 743
(gst_scheduler_factory_find): assertion 'name != NULL' failed"

I use
gcc 2.95.3
GNU Make version 3.79.1

If you need the infos in config.log please find it enclosed.

Thanks for your help.


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