[gst-devel] use of "adder"

Michael Rothwell rothwell at holly-springs.nc.us
Tue Sep 10 20:25:02 CEST 2002

This results in a pipeline that won't play:

  gst_element_connect(filesrc, spider);
  gst_element_connect(spider adder);
  gst_element_connect(adder, osssink);

And this:
  gst-launch filesrc location=whatever.mp3 ! spider ! adder ! osssink

results in this:
ERROR: pipeline could not be constructed: Could not connect element
spider0 to adder0

I seem to remember in the past that I could use "adder", at least from a
C program. Apparently I'm doing something wrong now. I know that there
were some changes made to it recently. I'm using CVS from tonight.

Could someone provide an example of using adder via C, and by using

Michael Rothwell
e: rothwell at holly-springs.nc.us
k: http://www.rothwells.info/rothwell-public-key.txt

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