[gst-devel] gst-player

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Mon Sep 16 06:05:05 CEST 2002


gst-player is pretty close to being very good.

Here are some simple things that might still be missing.

a) a playlist; hadess seems to ask for us to reuse his GtkPlaylist widget 
in totem, which sounds like a good idea.  Steve, is that doable ?

b) a way to scale video output when resizing (resizing should be 
   aspect-ratio locked, IMO) and doing full-screen.
   I discussed this briefly with ronald.  videoscale seems to be bitrotten
   and according to him it's not the solution, since we need RGB scaling.

   I'm not quite sure what the best solution here, but I'll tell you what
   should happen IMO ;)

   When doing full-screen or resizing, the video output sink should be
   notified of this, and either work out it's resize handling itself (when 
   xvideosink uses Xv, it can obviously do this on it's own), or otherwise
   send an event upstream that asks for a software rescale.
   In that case, I suppose a videoscale plug-in is needed (apparently one
   that needs to be coded still), which would pick up this event and
   respond appropiately, sending back an acknowledge event.  This allows
   the output plug-in to actually resize the window if this is necessary.

   Is this approach at all possible ?

c) as discussed with Steve, it would be nice to put in a snapshot of the
   video in the output window when the player has gone in pause.  Right
   now it's pretty messy because of XVideo issues (try it ;)).  There
   are several options for this :
   - fix up the snapshot plug-in and use this to do that
   - integrate alex's patch to nautilus to do thumbnails into libgstplay
   - turn off XVideo when going to pause (steve thinks this might be the
     simplest way)

d) Christian suggested that it'd be nice to show our logo in the output
   window when the video is done playing.

e) three "sensibility features":
   - if the next video you play is bigger than the previous one, and
     the new size is partly off the screen, would it be posible somehow
     to move the window to a new place that allows you to see all the
     video ?

   - resizing, full-screen, etc. should ALWAYS keep the aspect ratio of
     the video.  This also means that doing fullscreen on a dualhead 
     should just fullscreen on one of the two heads, not across both.

   - I love the full-screen ui, but there should be some way to turn it
     off for real full-screen.  Maybe steal totem's way of doing that.

f) one nagging question:
   - seeking in an avi is pretty slow.  It's more on a "xine" level than
     an "mplayer" level.  What can be done about that ? Is this inherent
     in the design or are there still improvements that can be made ?
     How should we do them ? I'm thinking here of 
       - gsttimecache
       - seeking to key frames
       - partial or inaccurate seek



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