[gst-devel] gst-player

Steve Baker steve at stevebaker.org
Mon Sep 16 08:47:04 CEST 2002

On Mon, 2002-09-16 at 15:04, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> So,
> gst-player is pretty close to being very good.
> Here are some simple things that might still be missing.
> a) a playlist; hadess seems to ask for us to reuse his GtkPlaylist widget 
> in totem, which sounds like a good idea.  Steve, is that doable ?

I fully intend to check out GtkPlaylist.  In the short term all
gst-player would need is a simple playlist widget. Longer term I'd like
to use that widget to:
- display audio cd tracks, including track names with freedb lookup
- display dvd chapter hierarchy

Bastien, do you think GtkPlaylist might go in this direction?

> b) a way to scale video output when resizing (resizing should be 
>    aspect-ratio locked, IMO) and doing full-screen.
>    I discussed this briefly with ronald.  videoscale seems to be bitrotten
>    and according to him it's not the solution, since we need RGB scaling.
>    I'm not quite sure what the best solution here, but I'll tell you what
>    should happen IMO ;)
>    When doing full-screen or resizing, the video output sink should be
>    notified of this, and either work out it's resize handling itself (when 
>    xvideosink uses Xv, it can obviously do this on it's own), or otherwise
>    send an event upstream that asks for a software rescale.
>    In that case, I suppose a videoscale plug-in is needed (apparently one
>    that needs to be coded still), which would pick up this event and
>    respond appropiately, sending back an acknowledge event.  This allows
>    the output plug-in to actually resize the window if this is necessary.
>    Is this approach at all possible ?

Another simpler solution might be to figure out how to embed
SDLVideoSink for the plebs who don't have Xv.

> c) as discussed with Steve, it would be nice to put in a snapshot of the
>    video in the output window when the player has gone in pause.  Right
>    now it's pretty messy because of XVideo issues (try it ;)).  There
>    are several options for this :
>    - fix up the snapshot plug-in and use this to do that
>    - integrate alex's patch to nautilus to do thumbnails into libgstplay
>    - turn off XVideo when going to pause (steve thinks this might be the
>      simplest way)

I'd like to give this a go, but would welcome any suggestions on how to
do it.

> d) Christian suggested that it'd be nice to show our logo in the output
>    window when the video is done playing.

We need a png of the GStreamer slugs antialiased on a black background.

> e) three "sensibility features":
>    - if the next video you play is bigger than the previous one, and
>      the new size is partly off the screen, would it be posible somehow
>      to move the window to a new place that allows you to see all the
>      video ?
>    - resizing, full-screen, etc. should ALWAYS keep the aspect ratio of
>      the video.  This also means that doing fullscreen on a dualhead 
>      should just fullscreen on one of the two heads, not across both.
>    - I love the full-screen ui, but there should be some way to turn it
>      off for real full-screen.  Maybe steal totem's way of doing that.

I intend to do an auto-hide, which is switchable with a gconf option.


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