[gst-devel] RE: NEWBIE] GNOME versus Microsoft ActiveX Control and JavaBean

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller Uraeus at linuxrising.org
Fri Sep 27 08:08:05 CEST 2002

Hi Fernando,
Personally I think you should consider adding support for you camera to 
GStreamer (http://www.gstreamer.net). That would allow you to do all the
things the active-x component can do and more. Also if you are
interested in Bonobo and CORBA development, you could as a continuation
of the work on the GStreamer AXIS plugin help work on our Bonobo-media
bonobo controls. 

If you are interested in discussing this, either reply to this mail or
come to #gstreamer at irc.openprojects.net


Hello all,

I'm newbie in GTK+/GNOME Model Development!

I bought AXIS Network Camera 2100 that offers
crisp, quality images and streaming video from
anywhere on your network.

With a built-in high performance Linux and
Webserver, no PC is required. The network
camera can operate as a standalone or be
placed wherever there is a LAN or Internet
connection, or an available modem. 

See AXIS Communications:


But, this Software is PROPIETARY and only running
in Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME or NT/2000.

See AXIS Camera Explorer Software:


This Software use ActiveX Control Customized
(AxisCamControl.ocx) for application where
the main objective is to enable viewing directly
in MS Internet Explorer as well as enable easy
development for Windows using development tools
like Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual C++.

See ActiveX Control:


I would like port this ActiveX Control to GNOME Model
and develop a new Free GNOME Application for AXIS Network
Camera 2100.

What I need to use for implements new GNOME Control/Widget
for re-use in other applications? Where to start? 

I think Bonobo? CORBA? OAF? ORBIT?

best regard.

Fernando Alencar Maróstica
Graduate Student, Computer Science
Linux Registe User Id #281457

University Methodist of Piracicaba
Departament of Computer Science
@home: famarost at unimep.br

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