[gst-devel] New gstreamer plugin for Axis Network Camera

Fernando Alencar Maróstica famarost at unimep.br
Fri Sep 27 13:12:01 CEST 2002

Hello all,

I'm new in gstreamer and gnome-multimedia developer.

The HTTP based axis network camera interface provides the functionality
to request single and multi-part images, to control camera functions
(PTZ, output relay etc.) and to get and set internal parameter values.
The image and CGI-requests are handled by the built in Web server of the
camera and video servers.

  Note: This request requires root access (root authorization).
  Method: GET


  Note: Request a Multipart JPEG image stream (video) with specified


Some articles:


Axis Network Camera offers Microsoft Windows Software, called
ACE Explorer Software, this software is proprietary and dont 
required for camera working, but if you need several cameras feeds
in on single window (screen), you'll need to use this.

ACE Explorer Software use ActiveX Control, called AxisCamControl.ocx
thats proprietary too.

I want write a new plugin for gstreamer framework and from this plugin
porting a new ACE Explorer Free Software for GNOME.

What do you think about this? Any idea how active-x working????

GNOME dont have multi-part lib support? and gstreammer?

Have fun!

Fernando Alencar Maróstica
Graduate Student, Computer Science
Linux Registe User Id #281457

University Methodist of Piracicaba
Departament of Computer Science
@home: famarost at unimep.br

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