[gst-devel] undefined reference while compiling gst-player-0.4.1

Georg Waldschmidt georg.waldschmidt at gmx.de
Sun Sep 29 14:41:02 CEST 2002

I tried to compile gst-player-0.4.1, but a linker error occured:
../libs/gst/player/.libs/libgstplayer.so: undefined reference to

I have installed:
gstreamer-0.4.1, gst-plugins 0.4.1 and gconftool-2 is in /opt/gnome2/bin 
(SuSE Distr. - /opt/gnome2/bin is in the PATH environment).
I not using gnome, but I have installed the gnome2 packages I assume
gstplayer needs (no error message from configure script).

Any advices ?


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