[gst-devel] Totem or no Totem was Re: GNOME Development Series Snapshot 2.3.0: "Mighty Atom"

Jorn Baayen jorn at nl.linux.org
Sat Apr 12 05:25:04 CEST 2003


lör 2003-04-12 klockan 13.49 skrev Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller:
> > > > (I hope that people will start using the BaconVideoWidget in their
> > > > applications for playback, it would ease the port to GStreamer when it
> > > > is done.)
> > > Well we already have new projects using the gstplay widget which doesn't need 
> > > porting to GStreamer.
> > 
> > Which ones ?
> Lymric and GetControl are two. My basic point is why use a widget that needs porting when
> there is one that doesn't.

Some people actually want to watch movies.. my success rate with
gst-player has been below 0 zero far, while with Totem I have been
playing my movies for months now without any problems. Sure, GStreamer
is the way to go, but it's not ready yet for mainstream use - there's
really no denying there. Why can't everyone just use the same
videowidget with both gst and xine backends, and then we can go with
xine for the time being - since it Just Works - and set gstreamer as the
default once it's done.
'but if we get no gstreamer users we get no bugreports' - well yeah but
we dont ship a highly unstable gtk either do we, just 'because otherwise
we'd get no bugreports'? Also gstreamer is not even working well for
gnome hackers right now, if it's not even up to that level yet it's just
not ready imho. Once it works well for us hackers I guess it's time to
start considering it as the default, but until then.. I guess I'm
sounding all negative here, but believe me, I find GStreamer a really
cool and exciting project, I'm all for it, but we must face reality as

And having two separete players targeting exactly the same featureset,
exactly the same UI but different codebases - that's just pure crack,
sorry. I mean what's the actual video widget code compared to the rest
of the app.. not much.. 

Ah well.. back to lurking.. just my 2 cents..


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