[gst-devel] Totem or no Totem was Re: GNOME Development Series Snapshot 2.3.0: "Mighty Atom"

J. Gardner Biggs gardnerbiggs at houston.rr.com
Sat Apr 12 06:02:02 CEST 2003

On Sat, 2003-04-12 at 07:22, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> Hi
> lör 2003-04-12 klockan 13.49 skrev Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller:
> [snip]
> > > > > (I hope that people will start using the BaconVideoWidget in their
> > > > > applications for playback, it would ease the port to GStreamer when it
> > > > > is done.)
> > > > Well we already have new projects using the gstplay widget which doesn't need 
> > > > porting to GStreamer.
> > > 
> > > Which ones ?
> > Lymric and GetControl are two. My basic point is why use a widget that needs porting when
> > there is one that doesn't.
> Some people actually want to watch movies.. my success rate with
> gst-player has been below 0 zero far, while with Totem I have been
> playing my movies for months now without any problems. Sure, GStreamer
> is the way to go, but it's not ready yet for mainstream use - there's
> really no denying there. Why can't everyone just use the same
> videowidget with both gst and xine backends, and then we can go with
> xine for the time being - since it Just Works - and set gstreamer as the
> default once it's done.
> 'but if we get no gstreamer users we get no bugreports' - well yeah but
> we dont ship a highly unstable gtk either do we, just 'because otherwise
> we'd get no bugreports'? Also gstreamer is not even working well for
> gnome hackers right now, if it's not even up to that level yet it's just
> not ready imho. Once it works well for us hackers I guess it's time to
> start considering it as the default, but until then.. I guess I'm
> sounding all negative here, but believe me, I find GStreamer a really
> cool and exciting project, I'm all for it, but we must face reality as
> well.
> And having two separete players targeting exactly the same featureset,
> exactly the same UI but different codebases - that's just pure crack,
> sorry. I mean what's the actual video widget code compared to the rest
> of the app.. not much.. 
> Ah well.. back to lurking.. just my 2 cents..
> Jorn

I am lurking here as well, but I gave up on all the gstreamer backend
apps months ago, like gst-player and rhythmbox.  They just didn't work
well were too much of a PITA to setup and get working (if at all)

xine works, and can play just about anything.  Just my two cents from a

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