[gst-devel] queue full patch in 0.6.1?

Colin Walters walters at debian.org
Thu Apr 17 03:17:07 CEST 2003


Since bugzilla appears to be down I'll just send this here.  Basically,
for netRhythmbox, I need a way to buffer (e.g.) 32k of data before
actually playing an iradio station, like xmms.  This is to smooth out
network jitters.

So my pipeline looks like this:

{ gnomevfssrc ! queue } ! decoder  ! volume ! sink

Now, my approach is to start the "srcthread" (the first thread part) to
PLAYING, and wait until the queue fills up.  When I get the queue full
signal (see below), then I set the whole pipeline to PLAYING.

According to Company this should work in theory.  I can't get it to work
in practice, but since I have a patch for GstQueue to make it even
possible, I'd like to propose it for inclusion into 0.6.1.

Note that the high_watermark and low_watermark signal slots weren't even
used at all.  So to perserve binary compatibility, I took over one of
the slots, and left the other there unused (it's gone in HEAD).

Any opinions on this patch in 0.6.1?

BTW if anyone can try the netRhythmbox CVS and figure out why it just
locks up for me after the queue's full I'd very much appreciate it :)

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