[gst-devel] queue full patch in 0.6.1?

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Thu Apr 17 04:04:47 CEST 2003


any patch at this point for 0.6.1 is highly controversial.
So it means either
- the patch is INCREDIBLY simple and very easy to see what could be the
  effect (which is hard in GStreamer, because a lot of stuff is too much
  under the surface)
- the release gets delayed for it.


> Hi,
> Since bugzilla appears to be down I'll just send this here.  Basically,
> for netRhythmbox, I need a way to buffer (e.g.) 32k of data before
> actually playing an iradio station, like xmms.  This is to smooth out
> network jitters.
> So my pipeline looks like this:
> { gnomevfssrc ! queue } ! decoder  ! volume ! sink
> Now, my approach is to start the "srcthread" (the first thread part) to
> PLAYING, and wait until the queue fills up.  When I get the queue full
> signal (see below), then I set the whole pipeline to PLAYING.
> According to Company this should work in theory.  I can't get it to work
> in practice, but since I have a patch for GstQueue to make it even
> possible, I'd like to propose it for inclusion into 0.6.1.
> Note that the high_watermark and low_watermark signal slots weren't even
> used at all.  So to perserve binary compatibility, I took over one of
> the slots, and left the other there unused (it's gone in HEAD).
> Any opinions on this patch in 0.6.1?
> BTW if anyone can try the netRhythmbox CVS and figure out why it just
> locks up for me after the queue's full I'd very much appreciate it :)


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