[gst-devel] help needed with video plugin

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at chello.be
Mon Apr 21 13:42:11 CEST 2003

On Mon, 2003-04-21 at 12:35, Gustavo J A M Carneiro wrote:
>   I'm trying to make a plugin called 'textoverlay', which displays text
> on top of a video frame buffer, for subtitles, etc.
>   It is not even half finished.  I was just trying to do some drawing,
> of some  white pixels, to see what happens.  Unfortunately, when I use
> this plugin, nothing happens.  Even worse, the video does not reach the
> output device.

Your plugin does not specify a complete GstCaps for the RGB video format
(fe. the bitmaks are missing and the widht/height is not set). The
videosink will in this case not know what to show, so nothing will

I suggest to add a link function on the sinkpad that parses the
widht/height of the incomming frames and use gst_pad_try_set_caps to
forward this format on the srcpad (look at goom for example and adapt
for the video format).



>   Can someone experienced with these things please look at the code
> (it's small).  Thanks!
Wim Taymans <wim.taymans at chello.be>

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