[gst-devel] help needed with video plugin

Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro gjc at inescporto.pt
Tue Apr 22 03:32:07 CEST 2003

A Seg, 2003-04-21 às 21:35, David Schleef escreveu:
> On Mon, Apr 21, 2003 at 03:06:38PM +0100, Gustavo J A M Carneiro wrote:
> > > Wouldn't a generic "compose" video plugin, which would take a video
> > > frame and a text-on-alpha buffer be way more useful ?
> We already have a compose element -- smpte.

  I hate this name.  What the hell does that mean?  Can you change that
to videocompose, or something like that?  Anyway, glancing at the
source, it seems to a little more than that.  I see a "frames per
second" property around.

> >   More complicated, more overhead.  I would like to keep things simple,
> > at least as a first approach.  Maybe later...
> I would strongly recommend making the text rendering to a frame
> into a library, or at least easily modifiable into a library.  It's
> a pretty generic operation that could be used in videotestsrc,
> subtitle overlay, channel number/name overlay, title generation,
> a crawler overlay (text crawling on the bottom of the screen), etc.

  It is (almost) a library.  If you want a text video source, add a
textoverlay after a blank video source. You want multiple text strings,
add multiple textoverlay elements.  The textoverlay element is very
lightweight, since it doesn't copy the input buffer but works inplace
instead.  See? It is modular after all...

> dave...
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