[gst-devel] colorspace / Hermes-1.3.2 compile errors

J. Gardner Biggs gardnerbiggs at houston.rr.com
Tue Apr 22 06:12:06 CEST 2003

On Tue, 2003-04-22 at 07:39, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> > I am building from an offical tarball, Hermes-1.3.2
> > 
> > So now what?  I can't imagine that I am the only one with this problem. 
> Don't know, never met anyone who compiled and installed it from source :)
> What distro do you use ?

RedHat 9.0

thanks for the help

> I can tell you though that the RPMS we provide for it are for the same 
> version and build without problems.  Maybe you should put up a whole build 
> log of Hermes, not just make output.
> Maybe the tarball contains symlinks to depcomp versions that do not exist 
> on your system (in which case the tarball was rolled wrong).
> As workarounds, you could try doing any of these :
> * run automake
> * symlink depcomp to your installed version of depcomp (on my system
>   it's /usr/share/automake-1.6/depcomp)
> but really, you should fix this at the root instead of treat symptoms.
> > Should I try to build from cvs next?
> You could, since then you're in control of running the autotools.  But if 
> you do, get a cvs checkout that matches the source release.
> All of these are just workarounds however, so either check what's wrong 
> with your system or with the tarball.  And mail the Hermes maintainers, 
> since this is a Hermes problem.
> Thomas

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