[gst-devel] Reporting pending documentation updates

Mathrick mnews2 at wp.pl
Fri Aug 29 07:18:03 CEST 2003

W liście z pią, 29-08-2003, godz. 00:32, Ronald Bultje pisze: 

> > > Sorry for the sucky documentation right now. We'll fix that before going
> > > to 0.8.0, I suppose. We're working on somewhat technical issues right
> > > now, I guess documentation is lagging a bit there. :-(.
> > Just marking some sections as 'outdated' will help a lot w/ getting the
> > correct picture, and it shouldn't take too much time. Right now at least
> > autoplugger is sheduled for deletion, right? As an excercise I can try
> > grepping CVS/changelog/devel-list and catching the most outdated parts,
> > but I don't really know if I will have enough time. It would be very
> > nice if you could give me some outline (or link to) of current CVS
> > structure.
> The autoplugger element, yes. Spider isn't, of course. I can try that
> later on, please mark this on bugzilla. We lose track of everything if
> we don't...

Created #120994 as meta-bug, and initially added #117448, #117692,
#120996 to 'Depends on'. Also created #120996 on autoplugger docs.
Please add other bugs regarding outdated / incomplete documentation

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