[gst-devel] installing 0.6.0 from apt-rpm repository

Charles A Edwards eslrahc at bellsouth.net
Sun Feb 2 14:41:53 CET 2003

On 02 Feb 2003 14:09:02 -0800
Kevin Bowen <kbowen at ucsd.edu> wrote:

> Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies:
>   monkey-media: Depends: libgstcontrol-0.4.2.so.0 but it is not
> installable
>                 Depends: libgstgconf-0.4.2.so.0 but it is not
> installable
>                 Depends: libgstreamer-0.4.2.so.0 but it is not
> installable
> Any ideas? I'm dying to try rhythmbox.

monkey-media needs to be rebuilt for gstreamer-6.0.

Do not know what distro you are running but the monkey pkg it is
offering has not been rebuilt since gstreamer-0.4.2 


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