[gst-devel] various gstreamer-releated questions

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Mon Feb 10 01:47:02 CET 2003

> I have a variety of gstreamer related questions... first I'd like thank 
> everyone involved in the development: I have great enthusiasm for this 
> project, I think it's exactly what linux multimedia needs in order to stop 
> sucking... I only wish I had the coding expertise to contribute myself.

Thanks ! We agree.

> On to the questions: 
> -Is there a publicly available gst-player which will build against gstreamer 
> .6? Where can I get it?

Currently CVS, we're planning a release really soon now (ie this week if I 
get round to it :) and Julien lets me)

> -Is this list an appropriate place for questions about nautilus-media?


> -If so, how do I enable the thumbnailer? The readme says the gconf schema for 
> it must be installed... where do I obtain the schema?

The schema is in the tarball.  If you installed from source, make install 
might get it right.  You might prefer having an RPM though, which does it 
for you.

> -Where are the thumbnails stored?

They're stored in ~/.thumbnails, I think this is according to the 
freedesktop.org spec

> -What happens if another application (i.e. totem) has its thumbnailer working? 

> How does nautilus decide which thumbnailer to use? This is probably a silly 
> question... but just curious.

I've been told that the last one to install the schema wins :) And given 
how it works, that sounds logical to me.  I don't know if I can give a 
better suggestion to the nautilus maintainers on this count though.



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