[gst-devel] valgrind

Joshua N Pritikin vishnu at pobox.com
Sat Jan 4 21:40:03 CET 2003

joshua at emit:~/gst/gstreamer/tools$ ./gst-launch --gst-nothreads filesrc location=/local/aleader/original/nausicaa1.mpg ! fakesink
==23214== Memcheck, a.k.a. Valgrind, a memory error detector for x86-linux.
==23214== Copyright (C) 2002, and GNU GPL'd, by Julian Seward.
==23214== Using valgrind-1.9.3, a program instrumentation system for x86-linux.
GStreamer-INFO: 0 live buffer(s)
GStreamer-INFO: 0 live bufferpool(s)
GStreamer-INFO: 0 live event(s)
RUNNING pipeline
disInstr: unhandled 2-byte opcode 0xC7
This _might_ be the result of executing an MMX, SSE, SSE2 or 3DNow!
instruction.  Valgrind does not currently support such instructions.  Sorry.
Illegal instruction

Any clue what is causing this?  i configured with:

./configure --enable-debug --disable-static --enable-plugin-builddir --disable-examples --disable-tests --disable-libmmx --disable-atomic

How do i turn off all optimizations?

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