[gst-devel] mysterious memory problem

Joshua N Pritikin vishnu at pobox.com
Sun Jan 5 05:33:03 CET 2003

When i run gst-plugins/examples/indexmpeg on a big file (600M) with
gstfileindex then i get a SEGV in some random place (usually the
mpeg2dec library).  Can anyone else reproduce this?

On the other hand, the SEGV goes away if i use gstmemindex or if
i add the following code to gstfileindex (near g_array_insert_val):

    if (id_index->array->len == 0) {
      g_array_set_size (id_index->array, 10000);
      g_array_set_size (id_index->array, 0);

This avoids any additional g_realloc calls when adding elements
to the g_array ... and the SEGV disappears.  Strange.

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