[gst-devel] Wish List Plugins

Jérémy SIMON jsimon13 at yahoo.fr
Mon Jan 6 02:15:01 CET 2003

Hi Kevin,

> VirtualDub Filter wrapper (lots of high quality filters available for 
>   virtual dub.  Probably one of the few things that keep me using Windows
>   for Multimedia applications)
> Avisynth plugin wrapper (avi plugins can do thing VirtualDub does not do, 
>   such as change framerate).

  There is one sharpen ;) It's not a wrapper but a port from source. I'm agree
with you, there is a lot of nice Virtualdub or Avisynth plugin available
release under GPL. 
  These plugin are mainly use for video encoding and actually I think Gstreamer
don't have a *working* encoder ( MPEG4, MPEG, ... ) !? maybe with winenc or
recent ffmpeg plugin ? Wim told me that mpeg2enc doesn't work very well ...


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