[gst-devel] connect/disconnect ->link/unlink

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Thu Jan 9 06:36:06 CET 2003


so as decided yesterday by popular demand, element/pad 
_connect/_disconnect are being changed to _link/_unlink.

I've done the first set of changes, with a compatibility header that is 
included by default but disabled by defining GST_DISABLE_DEPRECATED

It takes care of most of the functions and some of the signals.
Now I still need to handle some of the types and so on, but this is a good 

cvs failed spectacularly on the commit so that's probably why you can't 
see from the cvs list that I touched just about every core file :)
I'll be doing some more tonight if I have the time.

The good thing is, gst-plugins, nautilus-media and gnome-media still 
compile perfectly so nobody will be the wiser.

So, David : when can we expect python to be ready ? I received the 
"learning python" oreilly book from amazon yesterday and I want to get 
cracking :)



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