[gst-devel] gstalsa poll error patch

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller Uraeus at linuxrising.org
Thu Jan 9 13:58:12 CET 2003

One question Leif, does this patch work for you? I mean if it makes ALSA
work for you I think it is safe to commit.


On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 16:14, Leif Johnson wrote:
> Hi folks -
> I tried out alsaplayer and discovered that ALSA really does
> work, so I wanted to get the CVS GStreamer alsasink working.
> (On my system, with current CVS, when I do "gst-launch
> sinesrc ! alsasink" I get a bunch of "poll reports errors"
> messages. Is anyone else seeing this ?)
> Anyway, I got the source for JACK and browsed through it,
> and made a couple of changes in gstalsa.c ; a patch is
> included. I really don't know anything much about ALSA, just
> wanted to try to get the sink working. If this patch works
> or has major errors, could you let me know ? Thanks !
> leif
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