[gst-devel] Gst-Player discussion

iain iain at prettypeople.org
Wed Jan 15 08:41:29 CET 2003

ons, 2003-01-15 kl. 10:38 skrev Julien MOUTTE:

> I am a bit confused with that player here are the points :
> a) the control bar has changed, stop button disappeared. why ?

We should add it back IMO.
CD, video and DVD players all have a pause and stop button.

> b) Preferences to configure stuff have been commented out. why ?
> c) the libgstmediaplay contains thousands of code lines that are never used. why ?

If we strip it all out and get it to function well as a basic player
We can then start adding options back in.

> If we plan to go into gnome, we will have to deal with HIG/Usability people...

Yeah, we should fix up all these HIG/a11y problems.

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