[gst-devel] cothreads problem on Solaris

Brian Cameron Brian.Cameron at Sun.COM
Tue Jan 21 09:31:06 CET 2003

Gstreamer cothreads gurus:

I see the following stack trace in the corefile produced by running the
"cothreads" or "dynamic" test program in the libs/ext/cothreads/tests

Stack looks like:
 =>[1] makecontext(0xffbe2000, 0xffbef1c8, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0xffbe2000), at 
   [2] pth_mctx_set(0xffbe2000, 0x12150, 0xffbe0000, 0xffbef35a, 0xfffffff8, 
0xffbef440), at 0x12a64
   [3] cothread_create(0x10d48, 0x1, 0xffbef4bc, 0x0, 0x21dc0, 0xff19b21c), at 
   [4] main(0x1, 0xffbef52c, 0xffbef534, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0), at 0x10e00

Perhaps the pth_mctx_set is a red herring, because it seems that the
cothreads program has issues before it dumps core.  Notice that it spits
out this error message as it runs:

--output begin--

0: calling the pthread function directly
0: spawning a new cothread

(process:5006): Cothreads-CRITICAL **: mmap failed, captain
Cothreads-ERROR **: could not allocate a new cothread stack

--output end--

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