[gst-devel] Re: GStreamer release [Was: Thanks very much for the releases]

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Wed Jan 22 03:52:05 CET 2003

> Thanks Iain, sorry to send on your email to the GStreamer list (release team
> is private)...
> We really need a GStreamer release for RC2. Monday was the due date for
> tarballs, and we've had an incredible response from maintainers across the
> project - final version numbers for just about everything.
> I can understand that you guys have some last minute issues to deal with,
> but we're working on the assumption that the only reality is released
> reality - it's very important to get GStreamer code out for people to test
> for this release (especially given the number of releases throughout the
> project).

Ok, gstreamer 0.5.2 is close to done and out the door.

Having thought about it, though, it's not clear to me what Iain is 
blocking on exactly.

If the issue is "GStreamer needs to have it's final release version, 
0.6.0, because of pkg-config", then that is not what 0.5.2 is doing.

0.5.2 is made because apparently Gnome wants a close-to-final-release.

GStreamer 0.6.0 will be made this weekend.

I recall a discussion I had with Iain re: the pkg-config stuff, so that's 
why I suddenly realized that might be what he was blocking his release on, 
and if that is the case, that'll still be blocked till this weekend.
So that might not be what you guys are wanting.

Let me know soon enough, I'm going to release :)



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