[gst-devel] pkg-config files

iain iain at prettypeople.org
Mon Jan 27 15:10:03 CET 2003

man, 2003-01-27 kl. 21:37 skrev Thomas Vander Stichele:

> So I'd like to move all of them in a pkgconfig dir under the root, which 
> would also nicely correlate to the installed location, in some way.

If I understand you right what does it gain us to have them installed in
/usr/lib/pkg-config/gst-0.7 as opposed to /usr/lib/pkg-config/gst-0.7.pc
(ie right in the base pkg-config dir).

All I can see is that you can't install a new version and right away
compile the newest software, which will lead to lots of people
complaining "I've installed gst-0.7 but the configure script fails and
tells me to install it!!!????".

I have no problem with them being moved to gstreamer/pc in the source
distribution, but /usr/lib/pkg-config is the standard place. We
shouldn't start messing about, because it *will* annoy people - like me.

If I did misunderstand you...sorry :)

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