[gst-devel] Problem with recording audio

Leif Johnson leif at ambient.2y.net
Tue Jan 28 09:19:05 CET 2003

Hi Markus -

We've been working on the ALSA plugins in CVS the last couple of weeks.
They still need a lot of love, as you've discovered. :)

> So it seems like hw:0,0 and hw:1,0 is the right devices and that they are
> opened correctly but there are some problem setting the sample rate.
> How can I choose which card I wan't to use with the gstalsa plugin?

You're using the correct property there for setting the device. I suggest
you try using some different values for the "rate" parameter, suchly :

gst-launch alsasrc rate=48000 device=hw:0,0 ! wavenc ! filesink location =/tmp/tst.wav

Or if you haven't done so you could try to mess around with your
~/.asoundrc a bit (but that's really a pain).

If you keep coming up against this, could you please file a bug at
bugzilla.gnome.org ? Thanks !


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