[gst-devel] 0.6.0 release scope

iain iain at prettypeople.org
Thu Jan 30 17:02:22 CET 2003

tor, 2003-01-30 kl. 22:13 skrev Erik Walthinsen:
> It seems to me that for 0.6.0, our only driving force is gnome-media.
> It's the only package shipping with GNOME 2.2 that uses GStreamer, which
> otherwise is effectively a developer's preview release.
> Unless anyone has any other suggestions on what we should be 'supporting',
> we should come up with a specific list of exactly what we have to have
> 'perfect' for that, and a set of testcases.  That may mean that video can
> wait for later 0.6.x release, i.e. if gst-player goes into Fifth Toe.  As
> long as the API changes are all ABI-compatible, of course.

Okay the sound recorder uses the following pipelines
Playing - filesrc ! spider ! audiosink
Recording - audiosrc ! wavenc ! filesink
Saving - filesrc ! wavparse ! encoder ! filesink

Where encoder is one of lame, vorbisenc, flacenc or wavenc.


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