[gst-devel] error handling in gstreamer

Tim Jansen ml at tjansen.de
Sun Jun 1 22:44:09 CEST 2003

On Saturday 31 May 2003 15:56, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> What the error message SHOULD say is something like "vorbisfile: could
> not connect stereo to mono between vorbisfile and chart", or something
> to that effect.  That would be a useful error message because it can be
> reported back to us for fixing.
> [...]
> The question then is, how do we handle i18n.  I see a few possible ways
> of doing this :

Just one comment: I would differentiate between 'internal errors' that should 
not be shown to the user, and 'user errors'. Internal errors are errors that 
are bugs in the application, don't need i18n and are only needed for 
diagnostic purposes. "Could not connect stereo to mono between vorbisfile and 
chart" is not of any use for a user, it does not tell the user how to prevent 
it and it is a bug in the application anyway. It may be a valuable diagnostic 
output that should be sent to the developer like a stack trace, but it does 
not have to be translated for that. A user error would be something like 
"file format not supported" or "The MP3 decoder can not handle files with 
variable bitrate", an error that the user has caused and only the user can 


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