[gst-devel] Opinions on bug 113748

Magnus Bergman magnus.bergman at observer.net
Mon Jun 30 09:38:02 CEST 2003

A month ago I wrote a bug report (113748). The problem described may not be a bug at all. The problem is this: Application (A) loads a plugin (B). B is linked to the shared library (C). B loads another plugin (D). D needs the library C, but is not linked to it. If D can access C depends on the way B is loaded by A. That is, if A uses the RTDL_GLOBAL flag with dlopen() when loading B (see dlopen(3) for more info).

In this particular case A is a closed source application (so I can't add the RTDL_GLOBAL flag which obviously would solve everything easily). B is a plugin written by me, C is libgstreamer and D is some plugin for gstreamer.

So would want your opinion on this. Who's fault is it:

1: This is a bug in gstreamer (see bug 113748) and should be fixed in gstreamer. This means not linking plugins to all libraries it uses is a bug.

2: This is a bug in the application (A) and should be fixed in this application. This means calling dlopen() without the RTDL_GLOBAL when loading plugins is a bug. In this case I will file a bug report to the application maintainers.

3: It is not a bug at all, it's just not meant to work. In this case I will use some warkaround, using LD_PRELOAD or modify gstreamer.

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