[gst-devel] To company - gstreamer compile broken on Solaris

Brian Cameron Brian.Cameron at Sun.COM
Thu May 1 06:47:10 CEST 2003

gstreamer/gst/gst.c version 1.90 was fixed to work on Solaris.  
Specifically the way that the variables "options_with" and 
"options_without" were changed to make them compile properly with
Sun's Forte compiler.

I notice that this change was backed out in version 1.93 by 
user "company".  So now gstreamer/gst/gst.c no longer compiles
with Forte. 

While I realize that the code that compiles with Forte doesn't
look as nice, but at least it compiled on all compilers.

Is there any reason why this change was backed out?  Can we go
back to initializing these variables in a way that works for
Solaris too?



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