[gst-devel] Change to "have_type" signal...

Ronald Bultje R.S.Bultje at pharm.uu.nl
Mon May 26 02:14:05 CEST 2003


At 10:38 AM 5/26/03 +0200, Benjamin Otte wrote:
>GstCaps is a G_TYPE_BOXED, not a GObject. Caps are derived from GstData.
>And I'm not sure wether you should use the fundamental type or the real
>type in signals.

Uhm, no, caps are derived from nothing (they're not GstData). But it's
still a G_TYPE_BOXED, so you are right. Could you correct it please, I
don't have CVS here at my work. If not, I'll correct it tonight.

It's not a G_TYPE_POINTER, though (I asked on the gtk-list once, see 
GstCaps is registered as a boxed type, see gstcaps.c line 72.


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