[gst-devel] autoconf GST_CHECK_LIBHEADER 2nd edition

Sylvain BERTRAND xod at ifrance.com
Wed Oct 15 16:21:05 CEST 2003

I sent an email to this mailing list using a account from a notorious 
I didn't know, and I apologize for the trouble.
I post again my message:

Maybe that would be valuable to extend the prototype of the 
GST_CHECK_LIBHEADER with 2 additional and optional parameters: 
additional libs list and additional headers list.
Indeed when checking for the Xvlib.h header, it "half fails" because of 
missing types declarations(headers from XFree 4.3.0 on a GNU/Linux box). 
This header should have Xlib.h included before. Moreover that would be 
more consistent with AC_CHECK_LIB and AC_CHECK_HEADER autoconf macros 
which have such optional parameters.


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