[gst-devel] Homepage Newsflash Text

Paul Flood paul at temple-baptist.com
Thu Oct 16 11:30:07 CEST 2003

Some of you old school GStreamer folks may remember me, but for most of 
you I'm just another lurker.

After reading the announce text of the latest release, I have a few 
changes/corrections to suggest to the language.  I'm not a coder or a 
website designer, just someone that plays with words.

Here's my suggestion:

NewsFlash: GStreamer 0.6.4 Released - 14 October, 2003
The GStreamer team is very happy to announce the release GStreamer 
0.6.4. -the latest update in our ABI stable 0.6.x release series.  There 
are many small and minor fixes in this release to enhance your 
multimedia pleasure. Full details are on our <download and release notes 

In related news, Scott Wheeler has made Suse packages of GStreamer which 
you can use with his very cool Juk music player and manager for KDE. 
You'll find Scott's packages also listed in the <download section>.

Whether or not you want to use this proposed text, can someone at least 
modify the existing text?

- ChiefHighwater

PS- that matrix image, as kewl as it is, needs to be about half its 
current size or smaller screens lose chunks of text

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