[gst-devel] Video overlay interface and video elements brokenness

Julien MOUTTE julien at moutte.net
Sun Oct 26 05:37:10 CET 2003

Dear all,

Since barcelona's summit we are totally stuck on the video elements.

I feel a bit guilty because i implemented those changes but still we
agreed on some changes there but we can not manage to get them

I ve done a higher class for the video sinks like we agreed and it seems
that's not the correct thing.

Now we discussed about having an interface for video overlay elements
such as video src and sinks. One more time i implemented a draft of that
and submitted it to the list...

Once more we are stuck there...

The result is that video elements are behaving weirdly, gst-player is
unusable, API is completely unstable and i would not encourage anyone to
write a single video enabled application.

So 2 possibilities here :

1) We revert to the previous architecture and i make gst-player work
again. I will then use terrible hacks to get directfbsink done.
2) We push some efforts to that battle and manage to get the interface
finished and implemented in major video elements so that i can fix
gst-player and release a 0.7.0 and a 0.6.2

Please, please don't let that in a dead end. I know most of you guys are
using direct plugins and know well how to get your video window under X,
but many apps aren't able to use gst for video because of that
brokenness of APIs...

Julien MOUTTE (aka Dolphy)

Homepage : http://dolphy-tech.net
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