[gst-devel] some more site updates

Zeeshan Ali zeelists at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 6 14:43:10 CEST 2004


> Also, the videowhale page is back online.

     Nice work and thanks.

> Zeeshan,
> I checked the HOWTO,
> but really, the HTML of that is too ugly to put
> online.

     I admit.

> Do you have
> some source for that, so we can try and recreate it
> ? It really should
> be docbook-ified or somesuch, not abiword-generated
> html.

     I was already thinking on this line and therefore
learning docbook, so i can do the conversion then. But
an ugly version is better than a misssing-link. So
just put it online and we'll replace it ASA I am
finished with the docbook-ified version. BTW
Unfortunatelly, i dont have the source anymore. :(
Maybe Uraeus have it.

    The real problem with the howto is that it is
QUITE outdated and I dont have a video-wall anymore to
test things on. :( But, I'll be applying for the
linuxfund and I was waiting for you to fix these
missing-links before I apply for that. If I get this
fund, not only would the video-whale project be alive
again but I'll be back to Gst again. :)

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