[gst-devel] prereleases

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Thu Apr 15 02:59:05 CEST 2004

Hey Ronald,

> I have several media playback fixes (#135862: ADPCM in .wav [affects
> wavparse],

I commented in that bug report; while the patch works for static
pipelines, it doesn't work for spider since spider still plugs wavparse
directly to osssink.  So it doesn't actually help in playing back the
format, so it needs more love.  Not going in for the release.

>  #138680: MS RLE in .avi [affects gst-plugins/gst-ffmpeg,
> fairly large]).

I have no test file to see if it works now.  Somebody provide us with
one.  As such, not going in.

>  I also have a patch to add support for filesrc
> file=file.m4a ! spider ! osssink (no, that didn't work so far).

Same here.

>  And we
> still have the ARM type reading patches that were approved but not yet
> committed. Hold off or commit?

Is there a bug open for them ? Are the comments there ? I didn't follow
the discussion closely enough to check if they really were approved by
the others :) I remember someone saying not liking them by default, for
example.  Can someone open the bug, file the final patches, and get the
others to agree on committing ?

> I personally feel that each of those should be included because they're
> important bugfixes.

I tend to agree that they are important, but if they don't solve actual
checkable problems I'm not putting them in after a pre-release. 
Otherwise, my time spent testing the prerelease is a waste :) I'm more
cautious than in the past about stuff like this because even a very
minor caps change in a very little used element can still screw up the
registry for spider.


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