[gst-devel] "No such element or plugin mad"

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Tue Dec 14 04:40:02 CET 2004


> Hi,
> I am new to this gstreamer and try to play mp3 file using mad plugin
> on target using gstreamer libraries, So I compiled gstreamer-0.8.7 &
> gst-plugins for ARM and then copied the installed plugins and
> gstreamer libraries to my target filesystem. 

> But when I run "gst-register" command with plugins path, it just
> hangs.
> ---------------------------snip---------------------------------------
> # gst-register --gst-plugin-path=/lib

First question - why are you specifying this gst-plugin-path ? Are your
plugins actually there ? If they are, why ? Doens't that dir contain
system libs ?

> Rebuilding global_registry
> (/usr/local/var/cache/gstreamer-0.8/registry.xml) ....
>          -----> hanging here
> --------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> Can someone point me to the error?

check with strace or gdb what the process is doing there.  Also, what
did you run configure with ? It seems you didn't specify anything
prefix-related to configure.

Are you used to cross-compiling and how to properly configure source
packages and so on ?


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