[gst-devel] bugzilla email notification request

Johan Dahlin johan at fluendo.com
Thu Dec 16 04:40:18 CET 2004

> Therefore my simple request: please stop doing that. If you want me or
> Thomas or anyone to look at a (list of) bug(s), send us a private email
> with the list of bug numbers.

Should we also tell you to stop hacking on the manual because we have to
rebuild it all the time?
Or stop you to commit code because we have to slow computers and/or
bandwidth to handle them?

> Stephane's bug updates were somewhat useful because he added keywords
> and all that, but the same goes there: it's too much. I read 1 or 2 and
> just ignored the others. The bug updates may be useful, but the
> notifications definately aren't. I don't know how to solve it (I wish
> there was a button "don't send notification for this change"). The same
> probably goes here: it's better to email us privately then to update
> status of 100+ bugs. In a nutshell, you could say that bugzilla doesn't
> scale for me.

So go to the email prefs in bugzilla and turn of the stuff you don't


Johan Dahlin <johan at fluendo.com>
Fluendo S.L.

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