[gst-devel] plan to write a bayer filter

Bertrik Sikken bertrik at zonnet.nl
Wed Dec 29 00:40:02 CET 2004

Bertrik Sikken wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to announce that I plan to write a filter plugin
> for the Bayer format. Having a bayer filter should improve
> support for some webcams that export the format through V4L2
> (the webcam kernel drivers are no longer allowed to do the
> bayer conversion in kernel space).
> I already have the basic interpolation algorithm, but I'm
> completely new to gstreamer development (so it may take a
> while...)

While implementing this, I run into a couple of questions:

1) what type should I associate with the bayer encoded images?
It doesn't really fit any of the types mentioned on
Should I define a new mimetype?
How about using a generic mimetype (like "video/x-raw") and
specifying a "format" property that contains the fourcc code
as reported by v4l2?

2) is it OK if the chain function of a plugin simply collects
until it has received a full frame and then pushes a complete
converted image out? (instead of doing it in smaller pieces)

All the best,

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