[gst-devel] colorspace conversion

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Tue Feb 17 08:12:39 CET 2004

One thing I think we should still do after having moved out the ffmpeg
code to a different module, is to have some sort of colorspace
conversion for rgb to yuv, so the player can "work" without ffmpeg.

First, I was trying to see if we have any documentation at all on our
use of colorspaces.  I remember lots of discussions on proper naming,
but I'm not really sure anything got resolved there, and I also don't
know how "our names" map to names in explanations on the net.

Is there someone who has some documentation on our handling of
colorspaces ?

Second, any recommendations on what to do to have an RGB-to-YUV element
? I found some simple formulas on the net to do the conversion, and it
seems to me that it would be wiser to have a separate element for
YUV-to-RGB so as to not make the code for, for example gstcolorspace,
more complicated.  I'm assuming we currently don't handle the case very
well were an element can handle A(x) -> B(y) and B(x) -> A(y), but not
B(x) -> B(y), since that would expose A(x) and B(x) as pad templates on
sink and A(y) and B(y) on src, while the element itself only handles
some conversions internally.

Opinions ?


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