[gst-devel] pixel aspect ratio

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Mon Jul 26 10:52:14 CEST 2004

Hi gang,

I'm sending my pixel aspect ratio patch to plugins one last time,
because I'm happy with how it is now and it works in most cases I
currently have.  If nobody objects violently I'll probably commit

Here's some things that work for me:
* recording/encoding to non-square pixel formats in ogg/theora
* playing back all non-square pixel formats with xvimagesink
* playing back all non-square pixel formats with videoscale ! (force
correct size/PAR) ! xvimagesink
* playing back all non-square pixel formats with ffmepgcolorspace !
videoscale ! xvimagesink if the source material has correct rowstride
(in practice, any file with even width)
* playing back on a non-square pixel display with correct scaling using
xvimagesink or videoscale ! ximagesink
* playing the Star Wars panamorphic matroska sample that is supposed to
scale to 1015x432 correctly in all these scenarios
I commited all the fixes to videoscale to handle stride correctly
already - if someone finds bugs in that, let me know.

The only problem I have left is the fact that ffmpegcolorspace does not
handle stride correctly.  I've looked at the code but I don't know
ffmpeg well enough to see what needs to change.  Ronald, care to clue me
in there ?

Also, more elements can be made PAR-aware, I'm sure, so poke me about
all of those that I forgot, and I will add them as well.


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