[gst-devel] Win 32 build of 0.8.3

Marc VanDaele Marc_VanDaele at Jabil.com
Mon Jun 7 03:35:01 CEST 2004

Hello Steve,

Can you give me some guidance on how to get the core software built using
(I'm running Windows2000, have .Net installed and know close to nothing
about Linux)

I have the following code-tree
	$(PROJECT_DIR)/{libiconv,libintl, libxml2, popt} from
	$(PROJECT_DIR)/ in which I unzipped the 0.8.3 gstreamer.tar.gz
	$(PROJECT_DIR)/gstreamer-0.8.3/Win32 which I retrieved from 
	unzipped glib-2.4.2.tar.gz into $(PROJECT_DIR)

Then I tried to build glib-2.4.2 in cygwin by running 
which resulted in 
	configure: error:
	*** You must have either have gettext support in your C library, or
use the
	*** GNU gettext library.

Learning how to build glib is not high on my agenda :-) 
so is it possible for you to send me your 

Can you also explain the need for bison, flex and make a bit more?
I don't see a custom build step in eg libgstreamer/properties so I don't
understand yet where they come into play.

Can you also explain which build steps ("-auto makefile") will generate
which files?

Thanks in advance,


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> Humm... All the patches I've submited already include 
> /win32/README.txt 
> which explains how to build the software with MSVC, including 
> dependencies...

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