[gst-devel] RE: Win 32 build of 0.8.3

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Mon Jun 14 01:21:12 CEST 2004

Marc VanDaele a écrit :

> Hello,
> Today, I hardly made any progress, mainly because my lack of the gst
> registry.
> Can somebody explain in a few words how eg fakesrc should end up in the
> registry?
> Should gst-inspect detect it automatically (based on some environment
> variables?)
> or should I call gst-register first?
> In the latter case, should I register fakesrc or the corresponding plugin
> ("gstelements")?
> I did modify the .defs files located in C:\gstreamer\gstreamer\win32, added
> DATA where needed
> and added __declspec(dllimport) to the extern declarations as indicated in a
> previous mail.
> This resulted in a working "gst-inspect bin" (didn't work correctly
> yesterday)
> Right now, I assume that glib-2.0.dll might also be built with an incorrect
> .def file.
> 1) The error 
> 	(process:1500): GLib-CRITICAL **: file gutils.c: line 501: assertion
> `file_name
> 	!= NULL' failed
>    at startup is also underneath a glib call (g_get_home_dir in gst.c).
> 2) In addition, when calling gst-register, I now get a crash in the   
> 	dir = g_dir_open (dirname, 0, NULL); 
>    after executing
>       dir =
>           g_build_filename ((const char *) iter->data, "register-scripts",
>           NULL);
>    because there exists no ./register-scripts
> Both seem to indicate that the file-related functions in Glib don't function
> correctly, possibly because of an incorrect .def file (or because of missing
> environment variables?)

I got to the same point than you, now. I guess we have similar sources 
now, except that I modified GSTREAMER_EXPORT to define the variable that 
might be used out of libgstreamer. But the result is the same as yours 
(except that it's cleaner to submit a patch later).

Tomorrow (and the following WE) I'll compile GLib in debug mode and 
debug inside the code to see what's going wrong. Then it should be 
cleaner... If you want to compile GLib you just need to run "nmake -f 
makefile.msc" in their sources. I don't know yet and to have DEBUG 
defined when doing so but I will find out (or modify their makefile 
temporarily ;).

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