[gst-devel] win32 build works fine

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Tue Jun 15 12:54:10 CEST 2004

Marc VanDaele a écrit :

> Hello Steve,


> After changing the working directory (properties/debugging) to ./Debug,
> everything was fine. (so the factories, as reported in a previous mail, got
> correct factory->type)
> The xml files have paths relative to ./Debug and the working directory
> defaults to the directory where the project file is located.  

OK. Apparently I can't make it to save this in the project file... Very 

> Next I ran into a crash in gst_bin_add_many
> This was caused because GST_CAT_DEFAULT was declared external in gstinfo.h
> but not part of the .def file.
> I added it in there and modified gstinfo.h to

That's strange for 2 reasons :
- this is a macro that defines another symbol
- the program wouldn't link or start if the symbol was not accessible

I added GST_EXPORT to the GST_CAT_DEFAULT declaration. But the defined 
elements are probably missing from the .def yet... (there are actually 
many of them)

> Next I didn't get 0x1000 bytes back from the read in gstfilesrc.c
> which resulted in an unexpected end-of-stream.
> Adding O_BINARY to the Open solved this one. 
>   src->fd = open (src->filename, O_RDONLY|O_BINARY);
> Similarly, I added "b" to "wb" in the gstfilesink.c (fopen).

I'll commit that part (as soon as I verified that it works on Linux too).

> Now the helloworld (with filesink replacing mad/osssink) works fine.
> Now I can use this to get acquainted with gstreamer.

What command exactly works for you ?

> I assume you apply these changes to CVS?

indeed !

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