[gst-devel] amaroK 1.0 released

Mark Kretschmann markey at web.de
Fri Jun 18 03:29:15 CEST 2004

The amaroK team is proud to announce version 1.0 of the amaroK audio player!

Using the best of KDE technology, amaroK makes playing the music you love
easier than ever before! Dragging and dropping media from amaroK's browsers,
you will be making playlists in no time.

amaroK's browsers allow you to mix and match files on your local hard-disk and
streams from all over the Internet. amaroK has an unintrusive, lightning-fast
database that is compiled on the fly to allow you to easily find and sort
your music. It compiles statistics as you play, giving you easy drag and drop
access to your favorite tracks. amaroK also sports the best support in KDE
for the next-generation GStreamer multimedia framework. 
amaroK is smart, it's sexy, it's clever. Try it out today!

Key Features

* Playlist orientated design with optional Player Window for XMMS junkies! 
* "Browser" tabs allow quick and shockingly easy access to media, local and
* Support for XMMS visualisations 
* Multithreaded design means the UI never hangs during complex tasks 
* Sound-engine independent design allows amaroK to run on aRts, GStreamer and
  NMM with native ALSA engine planned! 
* Highly configurable design means amaroK can be the player you want! 
* Global shortcuts and a powerful DCOP interface allow you to control amaroK
  in any way you want 
* Intuitive inline tag-editing 

New Features since version 0.9.0

* Much improved GStreamer engine with full streaming audio support and 
* Faster load times!
* Fabulous new icons and splashscreen 
* Exceedingly thorough and up-to-date handbook 
* Two distinct modes of operation: XMMS and Compact-mode
* GL analyzers can be detached from the Player Window
* Playback device and audiosink are now configurable for sound systems that
  support it
* ContextBrowser now also shows your favorite tracks and the newest tracks
  in your collection
* A statistics database, which keeps track of how often and when you play 
* XMMS visualization support and support for GUI configuration
* Search Browser - search for local media you can't find!
* Song count on playlist statusbar 
* Collection Browser - a database powered music collection manager with
  filtering support
* Playlist toolbar is now configurable via KDE-XMLGUI
* Optional ToolbarAnalyzer for playlist toolbar
* amaroK now uses XML playlists internally, substantially speeding up general
* Introducing the NextQueue, so you don't have to re-order your playlist to
  change what plays next
* Clicking shuffle sorts the playlist by the NextQueue first, and randomises
  the rest
* Sorting by artist sub-sorts by album and track. Sorting by album sub-sorts
  by track
* Browsers float over the playlist when set to not overlap
* The beginnings of a plugin framework

The amaroK team

WWW : http://amarok.kde.org
IRC : irc.freenode.net #amarok
MAIL: amarok-devel at lists.sourceforge.net

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