[gst-devel] videosink plugin: how to ?

Benjamin Otte in7y118 at public.uni-hamburg.de
Tue Jun 22 06:15:13 CEST 2004

I once wrote such a widget, but didn't really make something out of it.
It's located in GStreamers cvs in the gst-sandbox module. (web link to
the code:
- the actual widget code is in libs/gstui/ )
It's not documented again, but there are tests using it. Maybe that code


> Hello,
> i would like to write a sink plugin for a gdk-like library. Before writing
> it, as i am familiar with gtk, i would like to create a simple plugin and
> widget for gtk. I know that there exists a gtk widget  for that (in gst
> player). But i find it a bit difficult to understand, as i'm not very
> familiar with gstreamer.
> More precisely, i would like to make from scratch a very simple program
> to learn how to do this plugin. It would be a windows, the widget which
> displays the video, and that's all (no pause buttons, etc...) The video is
> launch as soon as the prog is executed.
> So i would like to know if there is some doc about writing a video
> plugin.
> I also have a more precise question: i think that the sink for the video
> is xvideosink (correct me if i'm wrong). So how i could tell gtk (or
> gdk) that the images it has to display (in a gdkwindow, i think) are the
> one produced by xvideosink ? What is the link between them ?
> So if someone could help me (in anyway : some files to look at, some
> explanations on the plugin and the widget, or anything else), i would
> appreciate it very much !
> Thank you !
> Vincent TORRI
> PS: the best thing would be a doc about that on gstreamer.net :) If i
> understand how to do that, i would gladly write such a doc :)
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