[gst-devel] videosink plugin: how to ?

Ronald S. Bultje R.S.Bultje at students.uu.nl
Sun Jun 20 17:55:15 CEST 2004

Hi Vincent,

On Sat, 2004-06-19 at 10:06, Vincent Torri wrote:
> More precisely, i would like to make from scratch a very simple program
> to learn how to do this plugin. It would be a windows, the widget which
> displays the video, and that's all (no pause buttons, etc...) The video is
> launch as soon as the prog is executed. 

To write a plugin yourself, see the plugin writer's guide in the
documentation section of our website.

> I also have a more precise question: i think that the sink for the video
> is xvideosink (correct me if i'm wrong). So how i could tell gtk (or
> gdk) that the images it has to display (in a gdkwindow, i think) are the
> one produced by xvideosink ? What is the link between them ?

Ximagesink can do that, xvideosink is deprecated in 0.8.x. Bug #143030
contains some example code for easy window embedding. Totem, as far as I
know, uses a slightly different way of embedding. Both are based on the
XOverlay-interface, which is the connection you're referring to.


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