[gst-devel] gstreamer-properties

John Thacker thacker at math.cornell.edu
Sat Mar 6 13:52:02 CET 2004

I know that gstreamer-properties is part of gnome-media (not really sure
why) and not GStreamer per se, but there's a couple of bugs I wanted to
bring to people's attention, since it looks like from the Changelogs that
several people here hack on both, and it is a useful little tool.


gstreamer-properties doesn't test esdsink correctly.  The default
audio test pipeline is just sinesrc ! sink , which doesn't work
with esdsink.  This causes gstreamer-properties to produce an error
even when esdsink is working.  The right thing to do is to use spider,
and change line 34 of gnome-media/gstreamer-properties/pipeline-constants.c
static gchar audiosink_test_pipe[] = "sinesrc freq=512";

static gchar audiosink_test_pipe[] = "sinesrc freq=512 ! spider";

Patch attached.


That's sort of trivial, since as of gstreamer-0.7.5 and later, 
gstreamer-properties doesn't even do anything at all.  The
GConf keys for gstreamer were versionized, but gstreamer-properties
hardcodes in the key locations in pipeline-constants.c .  This
means that currently gstreamer-properties tries to change irrelevant
keys that don't actually affect anything.

The right solution is probably to either switch gstreamer-properties
to use the gst_gconf functions, or to change the hardcoded values
when compiling based on the gstreamer version installed.  In the
short run there is an easy hack, of course, to just add in 0.7/
into the hardcoded key path.

John Thacker
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diff -r -u gnome-media-2.5.4-orig/gstreamer-properties/pipeline-constants.c gnome-media-2.5.4/gstreamer-properties/pipeline-constants.c
--- gnome-media-2.5.4-orig/gstreamer-properties/pipeline-constants.c	2004-03-06 14:57:50.808356137 -0500
+++ gnome-media-2.5.4/gstreamer-properties/pipeline-constants.c	2004-03-06 15:44:01.490123085 -0500
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
 /* Test specified inputs for pipelines */
 /* static const gchar audiosink_test_pipe[] = "afsrc location=\"" TEST_MEDIA_FILE "\""; FIXME*/
-static gchar audiosink_test_pipe[] = "sinesrc freq=512";
+static gchar audiosink_test_pipe[] = "sinesrc freq=512 ! spider";
 static gchar videosink_test_pipe[] = "videotestsrc ! ffcolorspace";
 static gchar GSTPROPS_KEY_DEFAULT_VIDEOSINK[] = "/system/gstreamer/default/videosink";

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